Quakers: A Life of Peace

Spreading The Quaker Word With Campus Solutions

Faiths need the faithful, and it’s the work of the faithful to expand the flock. In the olden times that would maybe mean wondering town to town, spreading the world, or heading down to the part of town were people stand up and yell about their faith trying to convince others to join them or huge convening’s of people would happen once a year in a certain holy place.

HammondLagosReligion01That is from the massive meetings of Christians at the Redeemed Christian Church of God Annual Camp near Lagos. Over a million people are estimated to gather there once a year and a near city springs up around the hanger in which the event is held. It is a mind blowing scale of worship. Nigeria’s modern boom of Christianity has been partly sustained by continued growth amongst the growing student population in the country. This is a key demographic for any faith and one which we intend to target ourselves. We have been working on doing this in the US by marketing our faith directly at students with the help of the nice folk at Campus Solutions (http://campussolutionsinc.com/). They are going to help us reach out to a whole new generation, we’re going to be the cool thing on campus!


That may sound ambitious, but in hard times ambition and hope are all we have. We put our faith in God and we keep our hearts open. Praise the lord.

Kitchen For Peace

What does peace mean? As we have said before we interpret it as P.E.A.C.E: Porridge Eating And Church Education. A bowl of porridge in the morning is a healthy way to start the day. Packed with nutrients and fiber, this breakfast will really fill you up, and with slow-release energy, to keep you feeling lively and full till lunchtime. Fiber also helps to keep your blood sugar levels even and balanced, helping to avoid high cholesterol. Some people tell you that carbohydrates are bad, but they are not, they are macro nutrients, and we need them for optimal brain function and to have energy throughout the day. The wonder of porridge is that oats contain very complex carbs which release their energy slowly throughout the day, unlike stupid simple carbs which only give you a short burst of energy. Yay porridge! Bowl-of-porridge-550811

Porridge is a great food for peace, it is a well meaning food, it is a good food, it is a food we should eat, a food that gives us something sustainable and progressive. It helps us move forward and achieve things. It appeals to the best in us, rather than the worst in us. Porridge is inexpensive and effective. We all deserve a shot at peace, and we all deserve a shot at porridge. So we are announcing today The Porridge Kitchen For Peace!

The Porridge Kitchen For Peace!

We are constructing a moving kitchen on wheels to provide porridge and encourage peace around the world. Construction of the kitchen has already began, we are stockpiling portable hobs, microwaves, kitchen cabinet unit carcasses, cutlery, kitchen utensils and many more things! And, of course, porridge oats! We are going to travel the world and change the world, one bowl of tasty porridge at a time. That is our mission. Our mission is peace. Our mission is progress.

Our mission is porridge.


“It’s hard to love the questions when you live in a society obsessed with answers. A believer takes a great risk in affirming the questions and doubts of others because to be a good Christian is to have all the answers and to never admit you have any questions. Consequently, we have a lot of people living out a spirituality they can hardly claim to be their own. On the surface they look good. They can sing all the right hymns and say all the right prayers. They quote all the right verses and support all the appropriate groups. They have even overcome great tragedy and despair and give claim to a testimony of great victory. But deep within their being, they are torn apart by this ‘spiritual schizophrenia.’ They have doubts….But the Christian culture ‘code of silence’ has forced them on a journey of ‘Jesus is the answer’ without ever having been allowed to ask the questions.” Scott Waggoner, (1993).


Quakerism is about questioning. It should maybe have been called ‘Questionism’ but it wasn’t, it was called Quakerism, and history was made. So what are we? We are willing to reflect on that which is complex, that which is perhaps un-knowable. As Mr Waggoner wrote above: we reject the pressure for answers which this society gives us, that forces us to make claims way beyond what we can actually know. But that is what will always happen when we fight. When we compete rather than cooperate all sides are forced to make a pitch, to make an argument, and to escalate in their claims to divine truth.


This is what we claim to know: we know that there is more that unites us than separates us, we know that all have a right to life and to freedom from oppression and from war, and we know that there is great potential in all humans for peace, for spiritual self-realisation and for progress. That is us and our faith.

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